I have a slight passion for bonzai trees. I recently purchased three beauties from a Walmart at a discounted price when doing some back-to-school shopping. I like them because they are actually trees that don’t need huge areas for roots to grow and they are so accurate in scale to the hardwoods you see outdoors. Some bonzai flower. Some bear fruit. Some have beauteous foliage and some don’t bare any leaves at all. They are beautiful regardless.

My favorite of the bonzai is the Azalea bonzai. It is a beautiful flower with many shades and is beautifully symmetrical. It adds so much color and can easily steal focus from it’s surroundings. Flowers normally are dainty and show signs of fairness and meekness, but this flowering plant is not a weakling at all. With it’s low center-of-gravity and it’s hardwood trunk, it tells its distant relatives that it is not a pushover. This plant is here to stay.