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Synaesthesia (wikipedia it )

1) Grapheme-color / Personification


This is a layout of the different colors of each letter or number I see. It doesn’t change. However certain words have their own colors such as the word “rock” just being gray. Also, each letter and number has it’s own gender and personality. Example: 7 is a cynical girl with dark medium-length hair and 9 is a spoiled preppy chick with blonde hair.

2) Mirror Touch

This condition is a little less self-explanatory. Synaesthetes with mirror-touch synaesthesia feel sensations when they see someone else be touched or hit. This is why I physically cannot hit people in sensitive spots. If I struck someone in the nose, I would feel a sensation of pain very briefly in my own nose. When I was a kid I remember a fight I was involved in (that I unproudly won) where I beat the other kid in his head but I cried to mommy because I knew how much it hurt the other guy even though he was trying to hurt me. I’m a very empathetical person because of this form. I’m also a hypochondriac. :-p

3) Sound -Touch Synaesthesia

I used to find it strange that I feel things when I hear certain sounds. I ALWAYS get an excruciating tooth-ache in my bottom tooth when I hear metal screeching or when I even think about it. (No my teeth aren’t grinding together).

Synaesthesia is a very broad subject of people whose senses seem to interfere with other senses. Google or Bing for some information on Synaesthetes because I simply can’t list every different condition. Some cases involve people with perfect pitch who see colors for every sound or pitch. Other cases involve people who might feel a prickly sensation in the hand when they taste chocolate. I have a friend who smells cheese when he hears the name of his uncle.

*Check it out on youtube



So, I believe it’s official that I am the most indecisive person I know. Here’s a perfect example: it took me over an hour of google searching and bing searching to figure out what I wanted to have as my blog background image. This is very normal for me but it’s really starting to affect my life.

Degree Program(s): I’m an ex-trombonist who plays multiple instruments pretty well. I finally managed to switch over to clarinet by re-auditioning at VCU. I thought I FINALLY made up my mind about something. Well…, I’m double-majoring in music education and psychology with the pre-med concentration. Music ED because I will have lots of back-up in music and pre-med because I don’t know if I want to go to grad school or med school. (Apparently there IS a difference between Neurology and Neuroscience). I really like studying the brain, which is partly what makes me like education.

Shopping: I have spent so much money on jeans (money that I barely had) and other items simply because I couldn’t make up my mind on what I wanted. “Oh no… what if I want jeans with holes on some days but on other days I just want regular bootcut jeans….” My shopping strategy has always been “If I can’t pick one, I’ll pick BOTH.”

Selling things: Well, I haven’t really sold anything yet because everything I’ve always come up with some sort of reason to keep everything I own. I wanted to sell my trombone, but in the back of my mind I’m thinking “Maybe ONE day I’ll want to play it again and I spent so much time with it I can’t simply just sell it.”

When people say “it’s up to you” to me: THE WORST THING TO EVER SAY TO ME… Number 1) I’m wondering what would be nice for BOTH of us, and Number 2) I can’t decide what I would want to do MYSELF

But I’d have to say that the degree program section is the part that’s troubling me the most. I’m never going to be successful unless I either PICK ONE… or figure out a way to be successful combining BOTH which would be one plan. We all have to have a focus in our lives. No one wants to look at a photo where the background is just as clear as the foreground.