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Just a thought:

You know how chemicals claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria? Well there’s always that 0.1% that was adapted enough to survive and it will reproduce more well-equipped offspring which is why antibiotics are being produced at very high “strengths” to combat this “smarter” bacteria.

Well, when criminals go to jail and come out after a short amount of time, they, in a sense, can help others figure-out how to be sneakier and more cunning than in the past. Also, Think about this: criminal investigation shows not only are a good way to show viewers an inaccurate depiction of the investigation process but also a cornucopia of checklists of details criminals should mind to get away with harmful acts.

Yes medicine/technology is getting more advanced but so are pathogens/criminals.


So I’m reading a ton of literature this Summer and on the pre-bedtime list are the fables by Aesop. I did some research after seeing the pronouns “she” and “her” applied to the hare in “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Indeed Reverend George Townsend (1867)  translated Aesop’s fables this way and I suppose the world wasn’t ready for the female hare. Danbury’s interpretation of the story is that the Hare was not foolish but realized it was a dumb race and of course all of the spectators attributed a huge success to this slow tortoise who really did not “win”. My further interpretation is that girl knew what she was doing and the world was just ignorant.